About YJ

Welcome to YazJewels, my personal space for talking all things jewelry. My name is Yasmine and I'm the Founder and Curator at YazJewels. 


With a background and long career in management consulting and business advisory, I have always been passionate about Jewelry for as long as I remember. I collected many pieces over time and I often found myself drawn to jewelry stores throughout my travels. Nothing would fascinate more than browsing through racks of vintage jewelry in cobblestone streets in New York or in Portabello road in London. I was always after unique and unusual pieces that would bring life to my monochrome  outfits or start a conversation (anything to help the introvert me in me to talk to a stranger!).
Collecting and learning about Jewelry has been my longtime passion and I love sharing it with the World. I am excited to share my collection of personally curated and hand picked jewels from different eras and styles. I am an avid learner and I constantly educate myself and enjoy sharing little snippets of my learning on my blog and #learnwithyaz on instagram.
I source jewelry from different places including auction houses and antique and vintage sellers. Every piece in my collection is special to me and I only buy what I would personally wear and mix with the rest of the collection.
I present to you three jewelry categories: YJ Fine, YJ Costume and YJ Silver.
Always feel free to DM me on instagram @yazjewels or email me (yaz@yazjewels.com) if you have any questions.
 Thanks for stopping by and have fun!
Much love xx